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Centerfire Rifle
100 & 50 yd

50 yd

Rimfire Rifle
50 yd

10 & 20 yd

Range Fees
Adult - $23.92*
Minor - $13.80* 
plus 8.7% sales tax

Please see Membership for details.


Clark County Gun Club, Inc.

Clark County Gun Club, Inc. (CCGC) is a privately held entity formed by a long-time Clark County resident specifically to operate the English Pit Shooting Range. CCGC won the right to operate the range under contract from Clark County Parks & Recreation beginning mid-September, 2007 after participating in a bidding and rigorous selection process.

As the operator of English Pit Shooting Range, CCGC is wholly responsible for all aspects related to its operation including creation and execution of recreational and educational programs and events, defining and performing improvements throughout the facility and of course paying all of the everyday bills. This is accomplished using a model designed to expand services while ensuring the pricing structure remains within market boundaries.

While Clark County actually owns and Clark County Parks & Recreation oversees The English Pit Shooting Range, they review but have no direct management nor funding responsibility in Range Programs or operations offered or provided BY CCGC.

Physical Location

Clark County Gun Club range operation are conveniently located at
  820 NE 192nd Avenue
  Vancouver, Wa. 89684

Mailing Address

Clark County Gun Club
PO Box 872816
Vancouver, Wa. 89687

Contact Numbers


(360) 326-8341


(503) 488-5955


(360) 326-8638




The modest size of ranges managed by Clark County Gun Club allows us to more easily focus on creating a safe and enjoyable shooting range and to configure the range for different uses. Our ranges currently include:

  • 100 Yard Centerfire Rifle Range
  • 50 Yard Centerfire Rifle Range
  • 50 Yard 22 Rimfire Rifle range
  • 10 & 20 Yard Rimfire & Centerfire Handgun Range

  • Hours of Operation

    Our hours of operation vary through the year and can be found on our calendar or on the home page.


    CCGC is operates the range as a public range under a Day-use membership model. No long term memberships are required to use the facility. We offer a variety of pre-paid and loyalty cards for those who wish to frequent the range.

    Community Servant

    While CCGC is privately held, we are part of the community and work hard to provide a wide range of services. A few examples include

  • Our hosting of Hunter Education Training

  • Hosting of law enforcement and military qualification programs

  • Private Events

    CCGC is eager to work with you to discuss your needs regarding corporate events, private range use or private training sessions. Contact Us for details.

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