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Centerfire Rifle
100 & 50 yd

Rimfire Rifle
50 yd

25 yd

Range Fees
Adult - $23.95*
Minor - $12.95* 
plus 8.5% sales tax

Please see the Membership page for complete details.


Clark County Gun Club - Memberships

CCGC operates the English Pit Shooting Range as a public range. We strive to provide everyone a safe and economical place to shoot. As a public range we don't require a person to be a member of our organization or a member of any other organization to shoot here!

Forms of Payment

We accept cash and debit, credit & money cards as a forms of payment. We do not accept cryptocurrencies of any type, money orders, travelers cheques or personal checks.

A small surcharge is added for the use of all forms of non-cash payments to cover the costs associated with those forms of payment.


Day Membership


Day Memberships feature:

  • Single day entry to ranges during normal business hours and when otherwise not reserved

  • Targets are available for a nominal fee

  • No limit on the number of firearms you can bring to or use at the range

  • Includes re-entry privilege for that entire day

  • Those under the age of 18 are the responsibility of & must be supervised by an adult

  • You may use your own factory loads or reloads in the firearms that you bring to shoot

  • Should you rent our firearms, you must purchase that ammo from the range
       (See the Rental Program for detailed information)

  • You may retrieve your own empty cartridge cases for reloading or recycling

  • You are not allowed to collect empty cartridge cases that you have not yourself shot
       (See the Empty Cartridge Case Collection Policy for detailed information)
  • Day Membership Fees



    Minors Under 17

    $12.95 (with a paid adult; otherwise $23.95)

    Non-shooting Guests



    Accessory Rentals & Damage Deposits

    We are not currently charging any rental fees for the use of our accessories!


    Excise Tax

    Washington State and local excise taxes (sales tax) will be added to the total prices of all goods and services, including Day Memberships.

    Longer Term or Full-Year Memberships

    Full-year memberships are not available.

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