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Centerfire Rifle
100 & 50 yd

50 yd

Rimfire Rifle
50 yd

10 & 20 yd

Range Fees
Adult - $23.92*
Minor - $13.80* 
plus 8.7% sales tax

Please see Membership for details.


Clark County Gun Club Range Safety Rules

These are the general safety rules all CCGC guests are expected to know, understand and follow. Each individual range, discipline and event has its own additional set of rules, or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that will also need to be followed.

First time visitors will be asked to read another set of range specific rules as part of the range introductory process.

General Firearm Safety Rules

Always consider and handle all firearms as though they are loaded and ready to fire

Whenever the firearm is uncased, NEVER allow the muzzle of a firearm to point anywhere except downrange

Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until ready to fire

Be sure of your target and what lies near and beyond it

Eye and ear protection is required for anyone in the firing line area; shooting or not

Firearms must be cased, holstered or slung with actions open during transport to and from the firing line

Berm Safety

All shots MUST impact the rear berm. If you are not impacting the rear berm, STOP AND FIX THE PROBLEM or ask the Range Officer for assistance

DO NOT shoot against any side berm; they are not designed for bullet impact and doing so may cause uncontrolled ricochets

Do not shoot at an angle; shoot only at the target directly downrange of your position on the firing line

Firing Line Safety

Before going forward of the firing line:


The orange safety flags must be posted in front of the firing line

All firearms must be made “safe” in at least one of three ways:
  - A chamber flag is inserted into the chamber
  - The gun is placed in rack with it's action open
  - The gun is stored inside of a case


If you are not going down range to check targets, you must remain behind the yellow line

Rapid fire is not allowed unless:
- You are participating in a Club sanctioned training or competitive event
- You receive special permission of the Range Officer

All rounds must impact the rear berm


Post targets to avoid shooting frame uprights

Only one target per target holder

When finished shooting
  - Remove used targets from target holders
  - Discard used targets in recycling containers
  - Return target holders to proper position or location

General Operating Procedures

Pets are not allowed beyond the gates to the range; they may be kept in the street level park-like area. Because of the close proximity to 192nd Avenue and its ever increasing traffic, we ask that all dogs be kept on a leash to prevent their wandering into the street.

When finished shooting please pick up your brass and discard into appropriate recycling container

Juvenile shooters (under 18) must be directly supervised by a competent adult

No alcohol or persons suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or either prescription or street drugs are allowed on club property

Cease firing during times of limited visibility or when animals wander onto the range

The Range Officer has final authority on the range and may remove anyone from the range for any safety violation or failure to comply with range rules or Range Officer commands

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